Overdraft Protection Loan / Student Overdraft Protection Loan

Overdraft Protection Loan / Student Overdraft Protection Loan

Ideal for whenever your bank checking account is running “just a little short.” If you haven’t sufficient cash in your bank checking account to pay for the checks you have written, we will automatically move funds from your Overdraft Protection Loan to your bank account.

  • Loan amounts from $100 to $5,000
    • As much as $1,000 for scholar Overdraft Protection Loan (ages 18-24)
  • Access the amount of money at any EECU ATM, private phone Access, on line Banking, or by contacting us
  • No charge per transfer
  • Competitive interest
    • Scholar Overdraft Protection Loan prices according to GPA

Tech Loan / MyCash Technology Loan

Checking up on the technology that is latest will get costly. It really is a a valuable thing eecu offers such an excellent price on technology acquisitions! Finance computer systems, tablets, printers, cellular phones, house theaters and much more.

  • Borrow from $500 to $7,500
    • As much as $1,000 for MyCash Technology Loan (ages 18-24)
  • Low interest
    • As little as 3% APR for MyCash Technology Loan (ages 18-24)
  • 100% funding
  • Discounts on choose Dell computer purchases

E-Z Loan

Once the title suggests, this loan allows you for you to borrow the bucks you will need for just about any reason!

Budget Balancer Loan

Also referred to as a bill consolidation loan, we will help you to get your allowance in balance by consolidating your bills into one loan.

  • Borrow from $100 to $30,000
  • Combine payments
  • Competitive rate of interest

Signature Credit Line

This type of credit works like credit cards, except you don’t have to carry or make use of a credit card.

  • Access immediately to your hard earned money
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • Just just just Take an advance as much https://speedyloan.net/uk/payday-loans-cbf/ as your authorized borrowing limit whenever it is needed by you
  • Access the cash at any EECU ATM, private phone Access, on line Banking, or by calling us

Share-Secured Loan

This loan is good for individuals who wish to establish credit. Considering that the loan is secured by the share deposits it requires minimum qualifications that are additional.

Personal Loan Prices

Signature Loans

Rates effective April 1, 2020

rates_personal_signature dining dining table

Loan Type Max Term APR As minimal As believed payment per month based on ‘As low As’ speed
Budget Balancer $100 – $30,000 12.50percent predicated on stability
Educator Credential Loan $2,500-$15,000 60 months 6.50% predicated on stability
ECOlogical Loan $100 – $40,000 84 months 6.50% $14.85 per $1,000
ECOlogical Loan $15,001 – $40,000 120 months 6.50% $11.35 per $1,000
ECOlogical Loan $25,001 – $40,000 180 months 6.50% $8.71 per $1,000
EZ Loan $0 – $5,000 one year 9.50% $87.68 per $1,000
EZ Loan $2,501 – $5,000 a couple of years 10.50% $46.38 per $1,000
Overdraft Protection $100 – $5,000 10.00per cent predicated on balance
Signature Line of Credit $100 – $30,000 12.00per cent predicated on balance
Technology Loan $500 to $7,500 60 months 6.00% centered on balance

“From” rate on Budget Balancer, E-Z Loan, Educator Credential Loan, and ECOlogical Loan carries a .50% discount for automated re re payment from EECU bank checking account.

MyCash Personal Loan Prices

For pupil people ages 18-24

rates_personal_mycash_loan table

Loan Type APR
Student Overdraft Protection Loan up to $1,000
GPA less than 2.49 15.00%
GPA 2.50 – 2.99 14.00%
GPA 3.00 – 3.49 12.00%
GPA 3.50 or higher 10.00%
MyCash tech Loan $500 to $1,000 3.00per cent

Scholar Overdraft Protection Loan price shown depend on pupil GPA. Maximum loan amount $1,000. Must make provision for evidence of GPA; must certanly be enrolled for at the least six devices. Scholar Overdraft Protection Loan relates to people many years 18-24. These prices aren’t available for refinancing existing loans that are EECU.

MyCash tech Loan price shown includes a 1.00% discount for needed payment that is automatic. Minimal loan amount $500; optimum loan amount $1,000. MyCash tech Loan pertains to people many years 18-24. These prices are not designed for refinancing current EECU loans.

Share/Certificate Secured Loan Rates

Rates April that is effective 1 2020

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